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  • Why should I hire a Private Investigator (PI)
    To give you the help you need Hiring a Private Investigator (PI) is a big step, but it should not be difficult or concerning. Most likely something has gone awry, and you need support. A qualified PI can give you that support and hopefully find answers to your questions or concerns. This is what we do at Enigma Investigation Solutions (EIS). In Ontario, only licenced PI’s working for a licenced agency or a lawyer can be hired to undertake investigative work on your behalf. You should feel confident in their abilities, and you should know up front what to expect, including costs. EIS is a licenced agency. An EIS investigator will need to know what you are wanting to accomplish. A plan will be developed, and a contract will be entered into that clearly lays out your obligations and ours. There are no hidden costs, and our rates are readily available. At EIS we will answer all your questions to determine if a PI is what you need.
  • What does it cost to hire an EIS PI
    The base cost of hiring an EIS PI is $150.00/hour with a $678.00 (HST Inc.) retainer. Many agencies will not tell you their pricing until you meet with them. However, at EIS, we want you to know upfront what to expect. A full list of pricing is available. There are often additional fees that will be charged, for example travel or other costs you might require EIS to undertake on your behalf: ie. Mileage is .60/km, process service $150.00, travel or accommodation, at cost and only as authorized by you, a daily per diem after 6 hours of continuous work $80.00, and an after-hour callout charge of $500.00.
  • Do PI's need to be licenced?
    Yes All PI's working in Ontario must be licenced, and they must work for a licenced agency. Licences are issued by Ministry of the Solicitor General pursuant to the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. EIS is a licenced agency and is known as agency number: 11329538 (expiry: 2025 02 10) EIS investigators have a valid PI licence.
  • Can I Hire a Private Investigator to Follow Someone?
    Yes There are some limitations to this question, but generally a PI may be hired to follow another person. This is often referred to as conducting surveillance. EIS will discuss your specific needs and determine what is best for your circumstance.
  • Is it legal to hire a PI for a Child Custody Case?
    Yes Domestic cases are difficult for many reasons, and there are limitations that might need to be considered. An EIS PI will discuss what can be done in your specific case.
  • Is it possible for a PI to obtain cell phone records?
    Possibly Unlike a police officer who might obtain a search warrant to obtain cell phone records, a PI will use other techniques in an attempt to identify the owner of a cell number or the records associated to it.
  • Can a PI testify in court?
    Yes There is always a possibility that a PI conducting an investigation on your behalf might be summonsed to appear in court. This does not happen very often. EIS has experienced, well seasoned, investigators who keep detailed notes, and have extensive experience testifying in court cases. And, if you are called to testify, EIS can assist you in preparing for court.
  • Are all records available to a PI?
    No While there are many records available to a PI, there are also many that are not. Records available to a PI are often public records or records available due to agreements they have with agencies or ministries. Records that are protected by privacy or privilege will not be available to a PI. Your EIS PI will review your specific needs and plan to obtain all that is needed and lawfully available.
  • Can a PI disclose my personal information to others?
    No There are limited circumstances where disclosure may be required in law, such as in a court case. Your privacy is protected in law, and only with consent can your information be shared.
  • Is it legal for a PI to use a GPS on someone's vehicle?
    Possibly This is an investigative technique that can only be used under certain circumstances. If this technique is to be used, the EIS PI will consider its need, and only proceed where authorized and when no violations of the law will occur.
  • What's Next?
    The next step is for you to contact EIS Call (249) 777-2429 or email us at: . There is even a chat box on the home page. Your specific needs will be discussed, and if you need EIS' services we will work with you to find solutions and answers. Believe it or not you have already taken the biggest step. You have researched where to find help. Many people do not even get this far. Let EIS discuss your specific need and then support you through this process. One final note: EIS and its PI's are not lawyers; as such, we do not offer legal advice. However, we will work with your lawyer. What we do may assist you in getting the answers you are looking for.
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