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 About Us_ 

Founded & Managed by Mac McKinley

[ EIS is an Ontario Licensed Private Investigation Agency ]

[ EIS does not provide Legal Opinions ]


Retired from a 31 year police career in Toronto, Mac has an extensive background in crime scene and police misconduct investigations.  For Police & Corporate workplace investigations, come to EIS.

Enigma Investigation Solutions Inc. is a unique Private Investigation Agency.  EIS has specific skills in conducting reviews of law enforcement in both criminal and regulatory prosecutions.  Misconduct by law enforcement is always a concern, and when an advocate is needed to dig into the facts, EIS knows how law enforcement undertakes investigations, where information may be stored, and how to validate case information.  Whether as a private citizen or a Law Firm, EIS can be your Fact Finder.

Interviewing, statement taking, warrant review and execution, evidence handling, canvassing, case & witness  preparation, locating the hard to find are all skills EIS can offer you.

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